Chalkboard with equations on it
Graphic that says 'P.H. Miller Elementary School Class of 2033 Kindergarten Orientation 2020-2021''
Mother & Child in Masks with Hand Sanitizer
Blue words with confetti that read "Welcome, 2020-2021 Families!'
Cartoon school supplies and the words 'School Stuff'
Multiethnic child cartoon superheroes having fun
Student in mask next to school bus
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Cartoon of two boys and 2 girls with masks, jumping up and down
School Nurse Holding a Binder
Chalkboard with equations on it
Plans for next school year
School Physical Clinics; Back to School
Cartoon of 5 children holding hands with the words "kindergarten registration' in colorful font
Colorful graphic that says 'Have a great summer' in colored letters
Colorful graphic of the beach, fish, a beach umbrella, sand, ocean, palm trees with the words 'Summer Time'
Logo for STAR Net Region 6; blue letters with yellow star
Graphic of a boy sitting with his legs crossed, reading a red book.