Student/Staff for December

Plano High School staff nominated students for “Student of the Month” for the month of December.  Students are nominated for Pride behavior, Personal Responsibility, Respect, Involved Academically, Demonstrates safe behavior, and Excellence in what they do.  Some reasons for nomination include being a positive role model, completing FLEX classes ahead of schedule, tutor other students, being proactive in his/her future, overcome obstacles in classroom, and being a well-rounded student.  Students of the month for December are:  Cassandra Mata, Kevin Romero, David Scott, Brooke Macheca, Eliyas Peray, Keren Lopez, Nayely Almaraz, Yalitza Chavez, Hope Savarirayan, Jaylen Jimenez, Christian Villa-Sloat, Martin Diaz, and Shawntae Simmons.

Students and administration nominated staff members for “Staff Member of the Month” for December.  Reasons for nomination include updating all IT equipment to meet our needs, setting up EL events, organize institute days to benefit everyone, going the “extra mile” for our students, communicate effectively with students, staff, and parents,  remaining cool/calm/collected in all situations, and displaying a contagious positive attitude.   Staff members for December are:  Mrs. Easley, Ms. Skul, Ms. DeGarmo, Mr. Hill, Mrs. Martinez, Mrs. Thurwanger, Mrs. Secor, Mrs. Garcia, Mr. Fenton, and Ms. Hubbard.  Staff members are nominated by going above and beyond what is expected.  They have received a certificate as well as participating in a breakfast in their honor.  Please congratulate these students and staff when you see them.

Staff and student members for the month process is coordinated by Courtney Voise, school counselor at Plano High School.  This process is part of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) in place at Plano High School.

Pictured are Plano High School Students for the month of December – Yalitza Chavez, Shawntae Simmons, David Scott, Nayely Almaraz, Cassandra Mata, Martin Diaz, and Hope Savarirayan.
Pictured are Plano High School Staff members for the month of December – Ms. Skul, Mrs. Easley, Mr. Hill, Mrs. Martinez, Ms. DeGarmo, Mrs. Thurwanger, Ms. Hubbard, Mrs. Secor, and Mrs. Garcia.