Plano High School Football Helmet

Dear Parents/Guardians,

District 88 welcomes all future Reapers to attend our sporting events and hopes to create an atmosphere that is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Therefore, Plano High School does not allow students in grades K-8 from attending sporting events unless accompanied by an adult.  Additionally, students in grades K-6 should sit in the stands with a parent, a coach, or another adult during the game. 

Students should be reminded that school rules do apply while in attendance at Plano High School events and misbehavior can lead to disciplinary action.  Students should be seated when the game is underway unless they are going to/from the concession stand or the bathroom. Running around, screaming, and playing football behind the bleachers or on stadium grounds during sporting events is strictly prohibited.

PYTF players and cheerleaders are encouraged to sit together as teams with their coaches. Additionally, children found at the stadium wandering around unaccompanied by an adult or misbehaving during the game will be asked to sit with their parents. 

It is our hope that with proper supervision, all children can remain safe while attending Plano High School events. With your cooperation we can ensure the safety and enjoyment of all spectators while cheering on a Reaper victory!


Steve Lucas, Plano District 88 Director of Athletics/Activities

Jim Seput, Plano High School Principal