Plano School District Board Members

Each year, November 15 marks the official statewide observance of School Board Members
Day in Illinois. The day is an opportunity to show support for your board of education and the
individual school board members who are committed to providing a local voice for your
educational decisions.

It is a time to acknowledge the board’s role in creating educational opportunities that meet
the goals set forth by the community for their children. These goals are measured by
providing a pathway to a successful future for each and every student.

School Board Members Day is an occasion to recognize board members who serve as unpaid
volunteers for the benefit of the students and community residents, while also acting as
front-line education advocates providing a local voice and vision for the district. Never has
school board leadership been more important than the past two years.

For boards of education, the recent challenges and difficult choices go beyond the routine
educational decisions. While continuing to ensure students have quality learning
opportunities, board members must also consider their decisions in terms of the health and
safety of students, teachers, and community members.

School board members continue to work to ensure that the opportunities offered by the
district are equitable for all and that everybody has the resources to achieve their dreams.
They will continue to fight for their local districts, the students, the staff, and all residents
that benefit from having thoughtful and dedicated public servants making public education

As a community we meet challenges head-on and rise in the face of adversity. We come
together when faced with difficulties, and we succeed by working together with a focus on
our primary goal: providing a quality education to each and every student of the district.
A great school system is a source of local pride among residents. Let’s focus on what we can
achieve together. Disagreements can be healed, but we owe it to our children and our
students — the future leaders of our community and country — to do everything in our power
to provide them with the opportunities for success.

Honor and recognize your school board members on November 15—Illinois School Board
Members Day.