Bus Transportation

For a student to be eligible for bus transportation, they must live at least 1.5 miles from their school. Eligible bus students will be picked up and dropped off at designated bus stops. Students in grades K-8 who live within 1.5 miles from their school, but who must walk across Route 34 to get to their school, qualify for bus service. Questions, call the Transportation Office at 630-552-8980.

Special Pick-up and Drop-Off Bus Request

One time special pick-up and drop-off request for students must by made through the online registration - Ecollect.

Requests for permanent changes, such as accommodating a babysitter, will be considered on an individual basis using the following criteria:

  • The student requesting special consideration must be an eligible bus student (based on home address).
  • The student must ride the same bus route in the morning and afternoon.
  • The requested pick-up or drop-off location must be on an existing route.
  • If the request involves a change in bus assignment, it must be for the entire year and must be the same for every day of the week.
  • Request will be granted as space on the bus allows.

Pre-Kindergarten and Early Childhood students may request a different location for their pick-up and drop-off. In order to grant a request, it may be necessary to change the session (morning or afternoon) a child attends.

Please allow 48 hours for processing permanent route changes.