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Welcome to the Plano 88 Technology Department!

Mission Statement

To provide the students, and staff of the Plano CUSD 88 schools with current tools and knowledge necessary to enhance critical thinking, analytical decision making and information gathering to encourage academic success and personal growth as 21st century Learners. 

Vision Statement

To provide the necessary professional development, technological equipment, infrastructure and software in support of an academic learning environment where students and staff can achieve at the highest level.

Technology Support in Educational Improvement

The widespread presence of technology in society has long-lasting implications for our K-12 curriculum. To succeed in an advanced technology world, every student needs to achieve a basic level of technological competence. The Plano School District believes technology should be integrated into the K-12 curriculum. The following should guide our computer education philosophy:

  • All students should become technologically competent. This means each student should gain a substantial level of computer awareness and develop a functional level of skill in using computers and multimedia as tools to assist in a variety of disciplines.

  • We should use computers, multi-media tools, and today’s current technology when they are educationally sound aids to the instructional program.

  • We believe proper utilization will result in increased student achievement in all areas at all levels. An ongoing staff development and support program needs to be continued to enable teachers to use the current technology within the instructional process.