Hello Plano CUSD #88 Families,

This morning we received the following notice from the Plano Police department:

"On 10/25/17 at approximately 3:45 pm Plano police responded to the area of Rock Street and West Street reference a report of a suspicious person. Plano Police were notified that a Centennial Elementary student was walking home and approached by an older white male (exact age unknown, possible 60's) dressed in dark clothing. The female student ran home and informed her mother that the individual attempted to lure her by saying he had puppies and cupcakes. At the time of the incident the male was on foot and it is unknown if he had a vehicle in the area. Plano Police patrolled the area thoroughly but were unable to locate the individual. Plano Police are advising parents and surrounding residents to contact police with any information regarding this incident and to not hesitate contacting police in the future regarding any suspicious subjects."

We have asked the Plano Police Department to increase their visibility before and after school as well as informed all of our schools to be extra vigilant. We appreciate the increase support from our police officers and please contact the Plano Police department or school officials with any questions or concerns.

Dr. Hector Garcia, Superintendent

Plano Community Unit School District No. 88