In today’s climate, school administrators are under mounting pressure to increase attendance, improve community relations and ensure school safety. To this end, the Plano School District utilizes a phone and Email alert system. This system delivers voice, e-mail and emergency messages at the rate of a thousand calls per minute, to keep parents and guardians informed on emergency and non-emergency messages from school administrators and employees. In the event of an emergency or school closing, vital information is communicated accurately and immediately, notifying parents, guardians, and staff within minutes.

The Plano School District also uses this system for non-emergency calls to remind parents about important upcoming events, report card availability online, cancellation of sporting events, medical information and much more! Messages are sent in English or Spanish, based upon parents/guardians answers on the PowerSchool portal. Calls and e-mails are sent to the contact numbers/e-mail as they are designated on these online pages. It is very important that parents take time to have phone numbers and e-mails correct in the online registration pages, so calls and e-mails are sent to the correct people.

If there is inclement weather and schools will be closed, households will be notified via the alert system. Decisions as to whether buses will be running and if school will be in session on a given day will be made before 6:00 a.m. when possible.


At a recent School Board Meeting, Board members and administrators reviewed the following Inclement Weather Plan for students and staff in the Plano School District. No changes were made to the previous plan, but the district would like to post the information again as we enter the winter season.

Decisions to close the school, start late or call an early dismissal may be made in order to keep everyone safe and assist us in our goal of giving our students the greatest opportunity to learn in a safe and consistent manner.

e-Learning Days or School Cancellations:

  • An alert phone message will be made to staff and students by 5:45 AM

  • All practices, activities, and games will be canceled (grades PK-12)

  • Every attempt will be made to schedule an e-Learning Day. If school has to be canceled, make-up days will be added at the end of the year OR (possibly) previously scheduled days off.


Emergency Plan: The school buildings will open and staff will be available to supervise 15 minutes prior to the start of the school day.

Wind Chill Chart

Snow the Evening Before School Day:

Emergency Plan: The school buildings will open and staff will be available to supervise 15 minutes prior to the start of the school day.

Snow the Morning of School Day:

Number of Inches

School Status

1-3 inches

A high probability that school will be open

4-6 inches

A moderate probability that school will be open

7+ inches

Very low probability that school will be open

The district will attempt to avoid late starts or early dismissals, but in the event, it is best for the safety of our children the following guidelines will apply:

Late Start:

Bus routes and school will start two hours later than regular time.

  • If school will start late, a call will be made by 5:45 AM

  • In case of a late start, buildings will not activate the Emergency Plan above

  • Morning PK classes will be canceled

  • Morning activities and practices will be canceled

Early Dismissal:

Bus routes and school will end two hours earlier than regular time.

  • An announcement will be made on or before 12 noon

  • Parents should contact the school if they are not able to pick up on time, so other arrangements can be made

  • Afternoon and evening practices, games and activities are canceled

  • Afternoon PK classes will be canceled

Kids in Winter

Winter Weather Tips

Click here to be directed to the "Stay Safe and Healthy in the Winter" page provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)