Do you need support or help?

The schools of Plano CUSD #88 want our students and families to know that we are able to help out in a variety of ways beyond daily academic setting. Our staff includes administrators, social workers, and guidance counselors that have access to resources extending outside of the school setting.

When should you reach out to us?

The district staff here is to help with any situation but encourage you to reach out immediately when you or someone you know needs help. We can offer assistance and guidance during issues related to but not limited to the following scenarios:

  • Conflicts between students
  • Students feeling sadness or depression
  • Students with concern(s) about a friend or classmate
How do I access support/help?

There are a variety of ways to access help from Plano CUSD #88 staff. A few of the best ways to do so are listed below.

In an emergency…

Call 911.

Conflicts between students…

- Speak directly to a staff member
- Contact your school’s Administrator(s)
School Contact Information

Feeling of Sadness or Depression…

During School…

-Speak directly to a staff member
-Contact your school’s Social Worker:

School Contact Information

After School/Weekends…

Suicide Hotline

Concerns about a classmate or friend…

During School…

-Speak directly to a staff member
School Contact Information

After School/Weekends…

-Reach out to PCUSD through the Safety Concerns Online Reporting

What can I expect from my school?

Regardless of how you reached out to us, the appropriate staff member(s) at Plano CUSD #88 will respond to you in a timely manner.

Please know that the fastest way to get support is to speak to your teachers or other staff members immediately. While phone calls and emails are always welcomed, they are not the fastest way for you to get a response and the guidance you may need.

Outside Resources

A Substance Abuse Guide for Parents

The website Drugrehab.com has a link to help raise awareness about substance abuse and addiction. Click here to access their guide that every parent should read in order to educate themselves, as well as their children, about this important issue. The website also provides additional information and support to people fighting substance abuse and addiction.

The Alcohol Addiction Center

The Alcohol Addiction Center has resources and information for friends, family and individuals struggling with alcohol use. Click here to learn more about alcohol use disorder.