Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our school district has recently noticed an increase in prohibited items that are coming into our schools this year. At this point, we are fortunate that none of these occurrences have resulted in threats to our students’ safety and well-being. We are also encouraged by the fact that students have been diligent in reporting any suspicious item.

We are now asking for your help in taking time to discuss the prohibited items section from your child’s handbook and discuss the potential safety risks as well as consequences that are associated with bringing these items to school.


Problems may arise in school if a student brings an item that may be a danger to him/her or others, an item that may interfere with the normal operations of the school, or an item that may be expensive to replace in case of being lost or stolen. Any item that meets the above named criteria is prohibited in school. Examples of prohibited items are not limited to: weapons of any kind including ammunition (real or toy), drugs, illegal substances, fireworks, laser pointers, radios, CD/Ipod/MP3/Digital Recording Devices, electronic games, cameras, heelies, highly caffeinated beverages, various trading cards and inappropriate reading material. Any such item will be immediately confiscated, will be returned only to the parent, and may result in disciplinary action.

We appreciate your continued partnership in assuring that our students are safe on a daily basis. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact your child’s school.


Plano CUSD #88 Administration