Dual Language Program

The Plano School District offers Dual Language Programs that value the equal acquisition of two languages, English and Spanish. Students participating in this program spend time learning academic content in English as well as Spanish. Dual Language classrooms develop bilingual, biliterate and bicultural students, who are able to achieve proficiency in both English and Spanish within an environment that embraces diversity and strives for excellence. Plano CUSD #88 offers a Dual Language program that begins during kindergarten.

Two Way Immersion

P.H. Miller School offers a Two Way Immersion program. The Dual Language- Two Way Immersion program consists of native English speaking students and native Spanish speaking students. Each year, 20 English speaking students and 20 Spanish speaking students are accepted into the Dual Language -Two Way Immersion program at the kindergarten level. Entrance into the program is based on an evaluation and application process.

Students are only eligible to enter into the Dual Language - Two Way Immersion program at the kindergarten level. If a student is coming from a Dual Language program in another district, he or she will be assessed to determine if the Dual Language program in the Plano School District is the best placement. Placement in the program will be determined on the student's abilities and if space is available. *Please indicate during registration if a student is coming from a Dual Language program in another district.

Dual Language Commitment

Dual Language Program requires a long-term commitment. This commitment was established based on the number of years needed to become proficient in a second language. Plano School District requires that all students, especially those in the Dual Language program, be in school when school is in session. Developing content knowledge and communication skills in two languages is a slow and gradual process. The program is designed based on the process of second language acquisition. The design and goals of the program are such that students will be capable of achieving the same or better than their grade level peers who are not in dual language (based on dual language research and best practice).