School nurse in scrubs
Two individuals wearing masks showing off water bottles
Halloween Pumpkin with Mask
Picture of school building with several Halloween Bitmojis
Child making a snow angel in winter gear
Mark Your Calendar
Medical professional administering a drive-thru nasal swab test
Good info notice with fish
Great news about school meals
Cartoon computer with books, coffee cup, lamp and the words 'helpful tips for online learning'
Bags of Food
Red roof, red flag, and the words 'In Person learning'
Video screens with parent silhouettes and the words 'virtual parent connection'
Rainbow graphic with pencil, apple, welcome banner that reads 'Welcome to Virtual Open House'
Flower and chalkboard with words 'preschool news'
Graphic of coffee mug that reads "Virtual Coffee with the Principal"
Red, blue, and green words that read 'Preschool Parent Orieintation'
Water Bottle
Cartoon with three children and the words 'play, learn, and grow...together'.
Chalkboard with equations on it