PHS’ Student/Staff for October

November 6, 2019
PHS' Student/Staff for October
Plano High School staff nominated students for “Student of the Month” for the month of October.  Students are nominated for Pride behavior, Personal Responsibility, Respect, Involved Academically, Demonstrates safe behavior, and Excellence in what they do.  Some reasons for nomination include putting in extra time to advance skills, positive attitude, respectful demeanor, learn new programs to better themselves and others, being persistent with projects, possessing a drive to succeed, inspiring others to succeed, and making a difference using leadership skills.  Students of the month for October are:  Collin Silberhorn, Michael Cano, Jacob Sidenbender, Blend Dalipi, Enrique Lopez, Grace Oldeen, Dustin Noto, Alex Bishop, Katheryn Navarro, Alex Painter, Alyssa Smith, and Rita Zhao.
Students and administration nominated staff members for “Staff Member of the Month” for October. Reasons for nomination include possessing a fun but firm learning style,  taking initiatives in improving procedures, filling gaps and being a “Hero”, leading by example, organizing and communicating homecoming events, putting purpose into the work we all do, displaying a contagious positive attitude, and providing a positive learning environment.   Staff members for October are:  Ms. Webb, Mrs. Lebel, Mrs. Wells, Ms. Voise, Ms. Dellorto, Mrs. Teckenbrock, Ms. Dalzell, Mr. Sperry, and Mrs. Still.   Staff members are nominated by going above and beyond what is expected.  They have received a certificate as well as participating in a breakfast in their honor.  Please congratulate these students and staff when you see them.
Staff and student members for the month process is coordinated by Courtney Voise, school counselor at Plano High School.  This process is part of the Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) in place at Plano High School.
Pictured are Plano High School Students for the month of October – front row:  Alex Painter, Katheryn Navarro, and Grace Oldeen; back row:  Collin Silberhorn, Jacob Sidenbender, Alexandra Bishop, Blend Dalipi, and Michael Cano.
Pictured are Plano High School Staff members for the month of October – Mrs. Still, Mrs. Teckenbrock, Mrs. Lebel, Ms. Dalzell, and Ms. Voise.


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