Information Update

August 29, 2013

Clarifying Information

February 2013An incident is reported and school action is taken immediately.

  • Staff member stops the incident and starts the communication process leading to contacting police officials.

  • DCFS is contacted by school officials.

  • School officials contact the parents of students involved.

  • An investigation is started immediately by school officials.  Students as well as coaches of the program in which the incident occurred are interviewed.

  • The investigation concludes that the event is an isolated incident with one victim and one responsible offender.

  • The offender is immediately  removed from school and has not returned.

  • State and Federal law prohibit the school from publishing or widely disseminating the details of the incident.

February – August 2013Extra safety measures are implemented.

  • The information from the investigation does not reveal knowledge by coaches but security measures are nevertheless increased.

  • No other incident is disclosed and no other victims come forward.

  • Throughout this time we fully cooperated with the police in their independent investigation.

  • Due to their pending investigation, no information is shared by the police department with the school district.

  • One civil lawsuit relating to the single February 2013 incident is filed and is still in the initial stages of discovery.

Week of August 18th 2013New allegations arise

  • The State’s Attorney shares limited information regarding the pending charges.

  • The school district learns of the charges and the possibility of  additional alleged incidents/offenders from the police.

  • The school reopens the investigation and immediately removes the newly alleged offenders from school.

  • To date, the district has not received a copy of the official investigation report.   Upon receipt, the District will review what additional actions might be appropriate to ensure safety and accountability.

***The District understands that that the public may want more specific information about what happened and what we are doing.  However, since most of that information concerns individual students, we are prohibited by state and federal law from disclosing details about the incidents, the students involved and the specific action we have taken with respect to those students.  We do want to assure the community that the District has and will continue to take all necessary steps to protect and promote student safety.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this difficult moment.  We would also remind parents and students that if they experience any problems at school to contact us immediately.

I know this event has created pain for our community and most especially the victims as well as their parents.  As a community we can work together to move forward and continue to create the best learning environment for our kids.  As always, thank you for your support.

  Hector Garcia, Ph.D. Superintendent  


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