EGJ Eco Club

October 17, 2017

The all-new Eco Club, consisting of 45 of Emily G. Johns Earth loving students, has kicked off their fall projects. They held a tree adoption starting their very own forestation project! On Wednesday, October 11th, EGJ's Eco Club along with many of the staff planted 28 adopted trees! All of the trees and shrubs are native to the area and will create homes and food for beneficial wildlife as well as help to purify the air. As an added bonus, it will create a much needed windbreak for the students playing on the playground at recess. The students of Eco Club have taken personal ownership in caring for these young trees, many of which were adopted in honor of loved ones. We are grateful for the amazing amount of support we received from Amy Hamilton (District 88 Groundskeeper & so much more!) and Ohana Farms out of Marengo, Illinois for providing the trees. We would also like to thank Mr. Baker, the entire staff , the students, and the parents of everyone who had a hand in making this project a success. A plaque will soon be hanging in the hallway of EGJ to honor all of you!


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